Meager Income

Pay Off Debt, Retire Comfortably on Meager Income, Win the Lottery, Not Necessarily in that Order

Is now a good time to invest in Energy?

This holiday season, I am most grateful for the early Christmas gift we received from Energy companies in the form of cheaper fuel. The price of a barrel of oil had been range bound between $90 and $130 since April 2011. In June of this year, the price got as high as $115 a barrel […]

Microsoft Increases Dividend by 25%!

Dividend seeking investors may want to take another look at Microsoft Corp. The stock price has been stuck in a narrow trading range for several years now. However, in an effort to boost the stock price, the board of directors has just announced their decision to increase the quarterly dividend to 20 cents a share. […]

UBS Trader Loses $2.3 Billion

Trading is risky, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win and in some cases you end up in jail.  Like, Jerome Kerviel who was sentenced to 3 years in prison and asked to repay the $6.8 billion loss, Kweku Adoboli was also arrested for trading losses.  UBS reported that the fraud has taken place for the […]

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