Meager Income

Pay Off Debt, Retire Comfortably on Meager Income, Win the Lottery, Not Necessarily in that Order

1099 Misc from Independent Foreclosure Review

It is that time of year again!  Tax time!  I view it as filling out a yearly self-evaluation.  You get to see where you did well and where you need to improve for the next year. This year is going to be particularly painful for a lot of folks that were foreclosed on and filed a claim […]

2012 Tax Benefits to Increase Due to Inflation

The IRS has just announced Cost of Living Adjustments to various items for tax year 2012.  Of interest to a lot of people should be the increase to 401(k) from $16,500 to $17,000—an increase of $500.  I’m still not at the max for this year.  Deducting $708.33 a pay check would be way too much […]

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