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July 2021 Dividends – CMO

Posted on | July 20, 2021 | No Comments

Capstead Mortgage Corporation
Ticker: CMO
Recent high: February of 2020 – 8.27.
Current price on 7/19/2021: 5.92

CMO Profile from their website (
We are a Real Estate Investment Trust that invests in U.S. government-backed, adjustable-rate residential mortgage securities on a leveraged basis. Formed in 1985 and based in Dallas, Texas, Capstead’s securities are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. We hold the distinction of being the oldest of the publicly-traded mortgage REITs.

I made multiple purchases between 5/21/21 and 6/11/21. My average cost is 6.5395 per share so I locked in yield on cost of a little above 9%. CMO pays a quarterly dividend. The first dividend just arrived in the amount of $30. I will be sending a payment toward principal next week to continue to pay down the principal on mortgage #1 ahead of schedule.

Note of caution. The yield is really high which should raise alarms. I’ll continue to monitor this stock to see if their dividend is impacted by current developments including covid, interest rates, general economic trends.


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