Meager Income

Pay Off Debt, Retire Comfortably on Meager Income, Win the Lottery, Not Necessarily in that Order

Debt Ceiling Chicanery

How much does the US owe?  You can see it here in real time:  The page is very busy but the US owes almost 14.5 trillion and has almost maxed out the debt subject to the 14.3 trillion dollar limit. The GOP [Republicans] say they won’t increase the limit without spending cuts to Medicare […]

Walking Away From Your Mortgage and Home

Ali and Christine were picking on Jeff in the video below for making the decision to stop paying his mortgages and letting the banks take back his properties.  You can see the full interview below and a follow up story here: I’ve included bits of the transcript for analysis: VELSHI: OK, one in four homeowners […]

Over $120 Billion Missing

I don’t know how a country can lose track of a $120 Billion dollars but China has managed to do it.  You can read the story here.  It appears that the money was laundered by officials that then fled the country.   Gee how is the us can stop drug money coming in to the United […]

More Millionaires in the Bay Area Means Higher Real Estate Prices

I’ve become accustomed to checking wikinvest every morning.  I checked the balance and found that I was down $1927.22 not including my 401(k).  The stock market is down about 1.5% this morning across the board.  Every stock I own is down today.   So, I checked the business news on Bloomberg’s web site to find the […]

Man’s Best Friend

I definitely don’t need one of these now but I totally understand the appeal though.  I suppose that if I had enough wealth I would enjoy the added protection that these dogs would provide.  Especially, if I lived in a more private setting.  I’ve always been fascinated by German Shepherds.   They seem like a […]

Investing for Income

The CNN Money web site had an article today regarding investing for income.  You can read the full article here: Invest for Income: How to do it now. The article recommends finding stocks that although have a modest dividend now, have the ability to boost their dividends in the future.  The article references a study […]

Apple’s New Home

I keep hearing that California is bad for business.  I’m so glad that doesn’t apply to Apple.  I’m grateful that Apple has decided to keep their HQ in California because we desperately need their tax revenue.  The 54 thousand residents in Cupertino should also be thankful.  In case you haven’t heard, Apple is planning on […]

Bob Rodriguez

I keep a list of people that I’d like to meet one day.  I’m adding Bob Rodriguez to that list.   I read about him on the CNNMoney and Fortune web site here.  Mr. Rodriguez has achieved tremendous success as a money manager. Rodriguez, the CEO of $16 billion money management firm First Pacific Advisors, isn’t […]

Low Cost Index Funds for 401(k)’s

I’m generally pleased with my 401k, but I feel there is some room for improvement.  I do get company matching but it is only 3% which seems to be a defacto standard.  I think my employer could do at least a little bit more.  My main concerns are investment options and fees.  Ron Lieber wrote […]

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