Meager Income

Pay Off Debt, Retire Comfortably on Meager Income, Win the Lottery, Not Necessarily in that Order

Waiting for my tax refund

I’ve now submitted by taxes for both Federal and State bringing 2014 to a close.  I tend to procrastinate  (even when I’m anticipating a refund) and find myself rushing to get them done at the very last minute.  I surprised myself this year and I actually finished early.  Now I’m just waiting for my refunds […]

My Goals for 2015

2015 has finally arrived and it is now time to set expectations and goals for this year. Below I’ve written my initial list of things I’d like to accomplish this year. I will add details in the next few days. 1. Reduce debt. 2. Increase my dividend income. 3. Automate and better organize my finances. […]

401k Loan

I was forecasting my expenses and realized that I was going to be short on cash this month and I needed to make sure to contribute to my Roth for 2013 before April 15th. I did have the option of selling some stock but I did not want to incur capital gains taxes from doing […]

Denial in Congress

Day 8 of the government shutdown.  Congress is still getting paid yet thousands of Federal workers have been forced to stay home.  There is a chance that the workers will get paid during the government shutdown but it will be retroactively.  It sounds a little like a forced vacation.  I’ve been reading a lot of […]

Meager Income Update for November

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving! I’m finally getting around to updating my monthly income and debt.  I’m approaching two years worth of data, too.  Soon, I’ll be able to compare year over year over year and spot trends.  I’ve also added my net worth to my site.  If you were to […]

Buffett Expands his Deficit Matching Program

Warren Buffett will pay $49,000 matching Congressman Rep. Scott Rigell, a Republican representing Virginia.  Mr Rigell voluntarily pays 15% of his congressional income every year. That amounted to $23,103.33 in 2011 and about $26,100 in 2012. Warren Buffett will match a teenager’s contribution, too.   Ms. Murphy from Chicago has sent in 15% of her personal […]

Buffett’s Wager

Mr. Warren Buffett put forth a challenge to the GOP in Congress:  He will match all the voluntary monetary contributions Republican members of Congress make toward reducing the deficit and will even triple Senator Mitch McConnell’s donation. Is the GOP really concerned about the Public Debt?  They should take him up on the offer!

Auspicious Ending to 2011

I finally made it below the 250K mark debt-wise!  Yes!!!  I hope to continue the trend this year but at a slower clip.  Instead, I want to invest more in equities.  Last year, I started keeping track of my returns from my stock holdings.  Now, I’ll be able to compare from one year to the […]

Bye-Bye 11-11

I’ve updated my debt and Meager Income charts through December 1st.  One more month to go before the start of 2012.  I’ll be very excited if I can break through the $250k mark.  I’m tempted to take out a 401k loan if the stock market rallies in the next few weeks to pay off a […]

Using Dividends to Pay Down Debt

I really enjoy receiving Dividends!  Every month, as I send my dividends to creditors to pay off my debt, I’m reminded of the following dilemma: Is it better to pay down debt or invest the money and hope for a better return? According to wikinvest, my portfolio is averaging 3.6% return in dividends alone.  After […]

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