Meager Income

Pay Off Debt, Retire Comfortably on Meager Income, Win the Lottery, Not Necessarily in that Order

The Secret Millionaire – Ronald Read

I enjoy reading stories about secret millionaires. I find it fascinating when otherwise normal people manage to accumulate great amounts of wealth by working hard and saving. It gives me hope and inspiration! I found out about Ronald Read when CNBC published his story on their web site: Janitor bequeaths millions to library, hospital. When […]

The Secret Millionaire – Grace Groner

Grace Groner was born in 1909 and died in 2010 at the age of 100. Upon her death she provided her alma mater, Lake Forest College, with a $7 Million gift. This was in addition to the money she had given to the University already throughout her lifetime. She had previously donated $180,000 to start […]

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