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Bye-Bye 11-11

Posted on | December 5, 2011 | No Comments

I’ve updated my debt and Meager Income charts through December 1st.  One more month to go before the start of 2012.  I’ll be very excited if I can break through the $250k mark.  I’m tempted to take out a 401k loan if the stock market rallies in the next few weeks to pay off a higher interest loan and pay back the loan over time.

I received a total of $305.78 in dividends this month:

AIOAX 19.97
CLP 22.22
FNFG 66.21
T 97.38
VZ 100
Total 305.78

I was able to take advantage of the stock volatility this month with options.  I had a net gain of $218.05.  I sold a few calls against existing holdings and sold some put options as well.  I was assigned some of the put options and then turned around and sold call options on the holdings.  As I was preparing my update, I thought to myself that maybe I should be reporting my Capital Gains and Losses here too.  I will.

I no longer own Microsoft stock directly (I’m sure I have plenty of exposure to it through mutual funds).  I was assigned the stock after a put option I sold expired in the money.  After selling a couple of covered calls against it, I decided it was not volatile enough for covered calls.  Additionally, the option strike prices did not have a large enough range and the premiums barely covered the transaction costs.  I am a novice options trader though so I may revisit the stock again after I gain additional experience trading options.  At this point I decided it would be best to sell my holdings for a small gain of $274.55.

On my to do list before the end of the month is locking in some capital gains.  I’ve already locked in losses for the year.


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