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Powerball Winners Declared!

Posted on | February 18, 2015 | No Comments

I purchased a few tickets for the Powerball lottery that was held on February 11th, 2015.  While I agree that the odds of winning are so small that one is probably just throwing money away, I still bought some tickets.  When the jackpot goes beyond 200 Million it is difficult to resist buying a few tickets and dreaming about how life might be different with a few million dollars in the bank.  Heck, I’d even by elated to win the 5 of 5 combination – that was worth $1,428,692!  That would be enough for me.  I could live rent/mortgage free for the rest of my life and then I could really start saving toward retirement.

There were three winning tickets that will share in the grand prize of an annuity valued at $564,100,000.00.  That is a lot of moolah!  They also have the option of a cash payment in the combined amount of $381,138,450.16 – also a staggering amount of money.  If they split the cash option, each will receive $166,666,666.  I like the fact that three winners will be sharing the grand prize.  I hope the money gets spread around and makes a positive impact on many lives.

Congrats to the winners in Texas, Puerto Rico and North Carolina!  Spend it wisely!

How much would you need to win to be set for life?


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