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Meager Income – January 2015

Posted on | February 10, 2015 | No Comments

Meager Income update for January 2015

My goal is to no longer have to work and to be able to live off of my Meager Income.  I plan on purchasing assets (mostly stocks) that will provide me with dividend income that will increase over time.  Once my passive income exceeds my expenses, I’ll have met my goal of having the option to retire early.

Moving forward, I’ll be listing the dividends I receive so that in the future I’ll be able to look back and compare my results on a monthly, yearly and quarterly basis.  On occasion, I might make references to holdings in my Roth or IRA accounts but the main focus will be building up the income listed below.

The January 2015 dividends below are from my taxable accounts. 

Stock Amount
MO $52.18
HBAN $30.00
THFF* $14.70
RF* $5.00
SNV $3.50
SRE $3.30
Total $108.68

I recently sold both RF and THFF.  Neither stock seemed to be moving and I didn’t buy them at a very good discount either.  My portfolio is heavily weighted in Financials and I felt I needed more diversification.  I plan on replacing the $49.40 in yearly dividend income by buying a stock in a different market sector.  More on how I’ll replace the income in a future post.

After these sales, I still own shares of RF but I no longer own any shares of THFF.  Have you sold any of your dividend paying stocks recently?


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