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Review of nocs NS500

Posted on | August 12, 2014 | No Comments

While looking for a new pair of in-ear headphones I came across the Swedish company NOCS (  I was not familiar with them but I was drawn to their philosophy of incorporating a simple design with high quality products and superior sound.  As I investigated further, I saw that they were phasing out their NS400 line and replacing it with a new edition they were calling the NS500, so I decided I could wait a few months. I submitted a pre-order request and waited. After multiple delays, I finally received my new headphones. I’m very glad I waited because they were worth the wait.  I was able to pre-order them for $87.94 including Shipping but now the price has gone up $10.00 to $89.95.

As soon as I put the headphones on and I began listening to music on my iPad with them,

I could definitely notice a difference in sound quality.  The music came through much clearer than I was used to.  I also used them to watch a movie and the sound was also excellent.  The last test was using them to make a phone call.  The sound quality in both directions was great.   Additionally, the headphones were extremely comfortable and I could barely notice the weight, if at all.



In addition to the amazing sound I was expecting, I was also drawn to this pair of headphones because of the following features:
– The right-angle headphone connector.
– The 4mm wide Kevlar-reinforced cables that minimize the possibility of the cords getting tangled.
– The titanium coated diaphragm.
– Integration with an iPhone/iPad with a three button remote with microphone.

As you can see below, the NS500s also come with a little carrying pouch for transporting them.  Inside the pouch came additional ear-tips so that the consumer can use the size that fits most comfortable.  Also included is a little clip that can be used to attach the cables to your clothing so the wires aren’t swinging wildly while being used.  The bass vent is also visible in the image below.




An illustration how to use the 3 button remote are included on the back of the package and shown below.


To summarize, these headphones sound even better than they look and I’m very happy that they finally arrived.  It was worth the wait and the price seems adequate for the quality of the headphones.


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