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July 2014 Spending

Posted on | August 3, 2014 | No Comments

I wanted to get my spending back on track this month. Unfortunately, I had some maintenance and repair work that needed to be taken care of on my car. My car is getting older but it is completely paid off already. I plan to drive it for several more years while enjoying not having a monthly car payment. However, if it starts to become a maintenance issue, I may have to consider buying a new car and getting rid of this one. Below are my expenses for the month:

Expense Amount
Rent $1645
Automotive $1663
Frivolous Spending $1067
Travel $520
Restaurants $431
Gasoline/Fuel $305
Home Insurance $296
Clothing $291
Electronics $290
Rental HOA Fee $257
Utilities $163
General Merchandise $105
Entertainment $100
Telephone $81
Groceries $9
Total $7223


In addition to the car repairs, I spent a lot of cash while on vacation as noted in the Frivolous spending category. The total on “Groceries” is a little misleading because on at least a couple of occasions I paid with cash at the grocery store. If I remove the car repairs and vacation money, I did OK but there is still room for improvement for next month.


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