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Waiting on iOS 7

Posted on | September 18, 2013 | No Comments

It is just after midnight and I’m waiting to see if I can download iOS 7.  I’m excited to get the new features Apple has been promoting since they unveiled the new software on June 10th.  I anticipate that my iPhone and iPad will feel like new devices with the new software.  In addition to the new OS, I’m very interested in acquiring the new Mac Pro.  Unfortunately, I think it might be out of my reach financially.  I’m expecting the cost to be at least $2,000.  Ideally, I’d buy enough shares of Apple stock so that the dividend would cover the cost of the gadgets.  The dividend right now is about $12.20 a year per share.  I estimate that I would need about a $1200 a year in dividends to cover my purchases (ignoring taxes).  So, I would need about 100 shares.  At today’s closing price of $455, that would require an investment of about $45,500 to fund my Apple purchases with dividends.  I’ll wait for the next dip in price to purchase additional shares.  I recently purchased 4 shares at just under $400.  I was tempted to sell 3 shares and keep 1 recently when the stock was close $500 recently.  I would have recouped my investment and still kept a share.  With the S&P 500 and Dow averages hitting multi-year highs recently, I think it is time to sell a few shares and lock-in some gains.  I’m keeping my Apple stock for now and may consider purchasing Microsoft stock as well as a hedge.  I’ll keep you posted on any transactions I make.


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