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Somewhat Good News for GE Shareholders

Posted on | May 17, 2012 | No Comments

Somewhat good news for GE shareholders:  GE Capital was deemed healthy enough by regulators to return profit to its parent company, GE.  As a GE shareholder, I would prefer the money passed through to us in the form a dividend, unfortunately, the CEO, Jeff Immelt, wants to use the money to buyback GE stock to make up for the dilution that was caused in 2008 when they sold $12 billion worth of common stock.  The stock hasn’t risen that much lately and is down 7.5% in the last year so it might be a good time for them to purchase the stock at current prices.

GE is currently paying 17 cents a share on a quarterly basis.  I bought 100 shares back in 2010 and I’ve already received $114 in dividends.  I plan on holding on to the stock for a very long time.


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