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Yahoo! Fires Carol Bartz!

Posted on | September 7, 2011 | No Comments

I’m not sure what the big deal is about Carol Bartz getting fired.  The fact that she was caught by surprise seems to me to indicate that she was out of touch and deserved it. I just hope she doesn’t try to run for political office like Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman.   Was she worth the yearly $1 million base salary and potential $4 million bonus and equity grants?  In 2010, The Associated Press calculated that her total compensation in 2009 of $47.2 million made her the highest paid CEO of S&P 500 companies (the compensation formula included salary, benefits, perks, bonuses, stock and option grants). I would not be complaining about being fired knowing that I had “earned” this money by restructuring and laying off employees.  She began her tenure with laying off several hundred employees. More cuts came in december 2010.  The job cuts continue through 2011.  Anyone can come in and layoff people but very few get paid so well to do so.  So Carol, stop complaining, you are 63 and appear to be in good health, enjoy your millions in retirement.

Note to self:  I need to get one of these CEO gigs.

I do not currently own or plan to acquire any shares in Yahoo! (yhoo) in the near future.


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